Please help me with these two questions

Accepted Solution

Hi! It will be a pleasure to help you finding the solution to this problem, so let's solve each part:PART 1.Finding the correct expression.Correct answer:[tex]\boxed{A. \ 1.50h+4}[/tex]From the problem, we know the following data of the problem:Laval parked at the beach.Laval paid a fixed price of $4 for a pass.Laval paid $1.50 for each hour.Our goal is to find the the expression for the total cost for parking at the beach for h hours. So:Step 1: Since we have a fixed price, this value will appear in our expression:[tex]4[/tex]Step 2: Since Laval paid $1.50 for each hour, this can be represented as the following expression:[tex]1.50h[/tex]Finally, we can write total cost (C) as the sum of these two expressions:[tex]C=1.50h+4[/tex]Finally, our correct option is A:[tex]\boxed{1.50h+4}[/tex]PART 2.Finding h.Correct answer:5 hours Here we have to find how many hours Laval spent at the beach knowing that he paid a total amount of $11.50. From the previous part, we know that our expression is:[tex]C=1.50h+4 \\ \\ For \ C=11.50 \\ \\ 11.50=1.50h+4 \\ \\ Subtracting \ 4 \ from \ both \ sides: \\ \\ 11.50-4=1.50h+4-4 \\ \\ 7.5=1.50h \\ \\ Dividing \ both \ sides \ by \ 1.50 \\ \\ h=\frac{7.5}{1.50}=5[/tex]Finally, he spent 5 hours at the beach